Do you want to check the products, do a sample order, but it’s pain to do so through the selling platform? Now you can do an easy manual order in AOP. Add product to the cart and checkout. You can use the same payment info as for regular orders. You can create a sample order of any product - it doesn’t have to be enabled or published. 

This option can be used for:

  • Placing your own sample order

  • Place custom or personalize orders

  • If you are also selling in other marketplaces aside from Etsy or Shopify, you can directly place the manual order in the APP

    Note: AOP+'s sample program offers ecommerce store owners the opportunity to order products at a 20% discount. Sample orders serve as a means for testing the quality of AOP+ products and visualizing designs in real-life. We also encourage ordering samples to create unique mockup photography and social media giveaways. Each registered AOP+ customer is eligible for one sample order per month, with a maximum of three items per order.

Step on manually placing your order in AOP+ app:

  • You can go to the products tabs or open any collection you want in the APP. Choose the item you would like to order and click the cart icon in the lower right corner of a product.
    (Note: You can add to the cart any product, it may be enabled or not)

  • Select needed size\color and click “Add to cart”

  • Click on a Cart icon in the top menu near notifications

  • Check the products that are in your cart and if all is ok click Checkout.

  • Verify the delivery information - name, address, phone number and click Proceed to Payment

NOTE: Please make sure to put the complete name and shipping address to avoid delay in the order shipment.

  • On a payment page check your credit card info, note that shipping price was added, and click Check out with Stripe

  • You will be redirected to the orders tab, Your order will appear in the list marked as internal order

  • You can download invoices for internal orders same as for the regular orders in the Billing tab and click on Download

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