Placing a sample order for Etsy marketplace users is different from the Shopify users since Etsy does not allow you to create a manual order from your own store. 

Please follow the steps below:

  • Make sure to install the AOP APP in your Etsy store.

  • Fill up this form for the sample order details. A detailed explanation for the form will be discussed below:

  • After submitting your order, an invoice will be sent to your email provided in the form within 24hrs.

  • Pay the invoice

  • Once payment is confirmed, only time production will start processing the order. 

First page will ask for your basic details, please make sure to place complete details for shipping (Name, complete address, and phone number)

The second page will ask for the specific order details, please provide the same as the format suggested

  • ITEM: #1, #2, #3 so on

  • PRODUCT NAME: This can be found in the AOP APP, it is the title of the product

  • PRODUCT CODE: This is the SKU, please refer to the image below

  • SIZE: Small, Med, etc

  • COLOR:  Depends on the available color offered in the AOP APP

  • QUANTITY: Number of pieces needed for this item

The third page is for your artwork file link. Create a GFolder or DropBox for the mock-up and artwork for your sample order.

Please label the folder with Item Number - Product Name - Product Code

Single item order

Multiple item order

NOTE: We are working to add this option to our AOP APP very soon :)