Sublimation All Over Printed Face Masks are LIVE on AOP+ This is a guide how to create 2 types of mockups (With model and without) on AOP+ App. (We will post a video about that very soon also.


* Download production template here (PSD and TIFF)

Or create a file 6X10 INCH, 150 DPI in your Photoshop

Place your design there and save as PNG. Careful about bleed and safe print area. (Actual product is 5.5 X 9 inch)

Save as PNG

Login to your store and AOP+ app

Create a collection and upload your file

Disable all other products and enable only MASK

We have two types of mockups for you to publish on the APP. One is with Model other one is a flat illustration. Try to publish two of them for more detailed view for your visitors. As you imagine, model one show only a bit part of design, but you can show full design on flat mockups. Use FRONT and BACK buttons on product generator. (Product is FRONT print only so you won't be charged for extra print etc.)

Click to FRONT to create and position your design on mockups with model.

Because of the way of mask covers the face, in this mockup you wont be able to show full design. But if you click BACK and upload same design to flat illustration that will show full design to your visitors.

Click to BACK to create and position your design on mockups with flat illustration.

Check your pricing and shipping costs

Change your profit and make sure you making profit. RRP is about 14.99 USD

Please do not be an *sshole and sell those products over priced. (This is Uygar) We respect your sale price but if we notice any store charging unfair prices to people in those hard times we will cancel your orders and block from AOP+

If you like to change TITLE and DESCRIPTION (we added all necessary informations there, feel free to edit) before you publish.

Save the product

Make sure that you disabled all other products you do not want to publish. Only ENABLE products you like to publish.

PUBLISH YOUR PRODUCT. Publishing time depends on how many people are trying in same time. If you see any problem, (like no publishing for 15 mins or 30 mins) contact with our support.

We also have 3 types of Mockups in PSD. With model, flat illustration and ghosted product only. Also some pictures of actual product and progress. You can access them here.

From every single piece of mask sale, £0.50 ($ 0.62) will go to the NHS! Details: Additional every 5% of 1000 pieces of masks has been made will be donated to the people in London who needs masks. HELP US TO RAISE MONEY FOR THEM!