This how it works for the payments.

It will be up to you on how you will price your products in your store and how you will set up your shipping charge to your customers.

➖ Customer place order from your store and makes the payment to your store

(this will go to your Shopify account)

➖ Order placed will automatically be forwarded to AOP+ system as pending

➖ AOP+ will charge your AOP+ Wallet for the order

AOP+ will charge you base on our pricing indicated in the app, only product cost + shipping cost.

If there is no fund, a notification will be sent out to you, the order will remain pending until payment is confirmed

➖ Store owner need to make the payment of the order

You can pay exact amount or fund your wallet for future orders

For payment method ??, we accept:

Debit / Credit Card (via Stripe)



Bank Transfer

➖ Once payment is confirmed, the order will be confirmed by the system and forward the details to our production for processing, printing, and shipping.