Etsy instructions after Shopify.

Once your order is in process, the status of the order on your backend (order tab in Shopify) will show Unfulfilled If the order is shipped out on our end, it will now show Fulfilled.

Note: Please don't manually fulfill the orders, this will result to not syncing of the tracking details, this will automatically update to fulfill once we ship it.

Where you can find the tracking details:
Orders Tab >> Click on the Order Number >> You can find the tracking below the order number.

If you are to look from the AOP+ app status:
Pending - once we received the order, not yet paid
Paid - when we received the order payment and is being processed.
Shipped - Order was shipped to your customers.


Once we ship your order, status should be updated in your etsy order page, and tracking number can be found on the orders tab, click on the order details, and go to the postal logistic part.

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