This is a service for Super and Hero AOP+ Members

We use transfer process (printing the digital image first on a medium and transfer it to the garment with heat and pressure) for its practicality, cost-effectiveness and flexibility which is suitable for on-demand printing process.

Even though this process offers us the flexibility that makes us able to offer this affordable branding option to our customers, it has its own limitations like all other processes, please keep the recommendations below in mind whilst creating your logo and print files.


The print files need to be Vector Files, preferably in .AI, Illustrator file.
File Size: 10 X 5 CM (3.93” X 1.96”)


A small size Classic Cotton T-Shirt inner neck opening is 11x6 cm, we recommend to keep the print size to 10x5 cm to be able to be seen when the t-shirt is being held.


Shape - The very thin lines, dots and other details won’t be transferred to the garment due to the transfer print size being small, keeping the logo details blocky, non-distressed would help us process your orders more effectively.

Color - The process is suitable for blocks of color or high contrast images. This is not suitable for printing photographs as this transfer medium cannot distinguish in areas where the color density is less than 30% i.e. there are lightly shaded areas of any color. This paper is best suited for text, logos and vectors and other block items with gaps that would normally need to be manually cut.

We strongly recommend using monochrome, solid, contrast colors, as in white logo for color t-shirts and black (or dark color) logo for white garments. (Please note that the color prints are not going to show on very dark garments)

If the logos are not black for white garment and white for dark color garments, then we are going to need 2 different print files for these 2 type of garments.

IMPORTANT! Convert Fonts To Curves / Outlines In Adobe Illustrator before saving your file. (How to do that?)


  1. the production team will remove the manufacturing tag by default when you opt for this option in your store and add size sticker (if you logo does not have sizes).
  2. If you want to submit a file with size on it you need to send separate file for each sizes.


The transfer process requires a flat and even surface to applied properly, the products which have fleece or other similar uneven textures inside (Sweatshirts, hoodies etc.) wouldn’t be able to be printed like t-shirts, the label can be printed on the outside (please see the images below).

Please see some samples below to put the recommendations to a more defined perspective;

White print on dark colour cotton t-shirt

White print on black cotton t-shirt

Colour print on white cotton t-shirt

Colour print on white polyester t-shirt

White print on the back of a black hoodie

Please note that the press marks will disappear after the first wash.

Cost: $0.99 each for Hero Members and Super Members

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