We offer Premium and Classic products for our apparels.

For our Classic shirts:

  • AWD
  • Gildan 
  • Subli
  • Vanilla


For our Premium products:

  • Bella Canvas
  • Continental
  • B&C (mainly).

    You can check this file for reference:
    AOP+ Used Brands - Google Sheets
    (Please note sheet is not updated right away with changes)

    The exact model we use will show in the app:

    VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: We sometimes replace the brand we use if in any case, the stock for the brand is out of stock, we will use the brand closest to the brand to be replaced. This is the reason why we labeled them as Classic and Premium to avoid expectation of these brands.

    The reason why choose these brands and models particularly on each product, since we have seen it is the best fit for the process not just the feel and quality of the shirt, but also we take into consideration the quality of the print vibrancy and has a better outcome.

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